Ever been hit when you were really vulnerable?

2 min readJan 22


That’s happened to me before, and more than likely will happen again. We all need to get prepared to fight the good fight of faith early.

When have you been tempted by the enemy? We each are most vulnerable when HIT...

H — hungry (have you ever felt hangry even?)

I — isolated

T —t ired
The Jesus of the Bible was hit, but he overcame the enemy with the truth of the Scriptures. You can too, and that’s a good reason to prayerfully memorize some in advance!

I’m the human plane Christ was out alone in the wilderness when hit. You and I can get prepared in advance. Let’s prayerfully live prepared especially for those times when we feel hungry, discouraged, exhausted, down or all alone.

You too can be a conqueror instead of a spiritual casualty. So let’s be encouraged in Christ daily!

What is yielding to temptation all about? It’s about seeing a God-given need / desire fulfilled in a God forbidden way.

Read through the first part of Matthew 4 with me. Prayerfully spend some time there.

Temptations tests, trials, and tribulations sometimes happen here. Life here hurts sometimes. The Bible is full of skirmishes and battles. God will win! #LoveHealthyChurches! #LoveItsHead, #thelivingWord #JesusFarMORE!

When you get right with God through the son of God (Jesus, the Word), you basically have entered the battleground not a playground. You’ll have some spiritual opposition too.

You and I would be wise never to overestimate the devil and fallen angels (demons), nor to underestimate them.

Now, while we’re talking about the ultimate Fisher of men, Christ, let’s talk about fish some too (sort of like a fish in '77, I was caught by the ultimate Fisher of men).

Schools of fish, they’re supposed to be smart. Aren’t fish found in schools? You would think they each would have at some time taken a 101 class on how to distinguish between a hook and a hook with bait on it. That bait and the smell of it of course appeals to their natural desire/hunger.. and the next thing you know, they’re in a sizzling frying pan.

Let’s determine now to yield to the spirit and to the word of God and not to the lust of the flesh less the eyes of the pride of life.. not yield to sin! It’s never a sin to be tempted. It’s the yielding to it that sin and has consequences.

Everybody’s talking about spiritual growth these days, but there is zero of that for anyone independent of God’s living Word (Jesus).

Listen, it’s so true. You’ll never have real success in life or any spiritual growth apart from the Word and the Spirit of God.




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